The Golden Gloves of America, as an affiliate member of USA Boxing, has the right to make some exceptions to the rules and policies of USA Boxing. Please make note of the following key points of the New England Golden Gloves policy, some of which differ from the rules of USA Boxing.


Click to download the 2019 Lowell Golden Gloves Boxer Registration Form

Registering: All boxers and coaches must register for 2019 online with USA Boxing (, must complete and sign an entry form, and agree to abide by the rules policies of the New England Golden Gloves. 

If you need help registering for USA boxing and/or entering the New England Golden Gloves tournament, check with Arthur Ramalho at (978) 935-3771. Any additional questions, call N.E. Golden Gloves Chief of Officials Laurie Purcell at (978) 996. 6092.


Head Gear: Golden Gloves competition will be conducted with USA Boxing approved competition head gear. The head gear color does not need to co-ordinate with the color of the corner (although recommended). Head gear will be put on the boxer in the ring.

Competition Gloves: All competition will be conducted with USA Boxing approved gloves. 10 oz. gloves will be used for weights 108-141 lbs and 12 oz. for weights 152-201+ lbs.

Hand wraps: A maximum of one roll of gauze per hand and 6’ x 1” of tape.

Weigh-ins: All boxers must weigh in to be officially entered in this tournament and must commit to one weight division. Boxers will be allowed to weigh in twice during the designated weigh-in period. You must have a current preregistered USA boxing passbook and be clean shaven (no mustaches or beards) to be allowed on the scale. No weight allowance in the Open Class. Novice boxers will be allowed 2 lbs.

Class Info: Novice class (10 bouts or less) Open class (11 bouts or more)

Admissions: Only 2 coaches will be allowed in the corner per boxer. Coaches must be registered with USA Boxing and have their passbook for verification.


US Residency: Legal non-citizens may compete. (Rule change adopted May 2018)

Scoring: The Golden Gloves will use the 10 point must system for scoring bouts.

Judges: 3 or 5 judges will be used - at the Tournament Director’s discretion - and all judges’ scores will be used.

Walkovers / Awards: A boxer must box at least once in the tournament to be eligible for advancement. Regional walkover boxers may advance if there is competition in the All N.E. Championships. Boxers can only be awarded a trophy, medal, etc. if that boxer has actually competed in competition during the tournament. He or she must weigh-in and can only be awarded the championship title if they win it in the ring or if their scheduled opponent has pulled out. Only in that case can a boxer win by walkover.

Age Restrictions: The age for boxers in the open and novice class will be 18-40, determined as to what age the boxer is before competition starts

Bout Sheets: Check with your regional director -C.N.E.G.G Region will be available online 48 hours.

Substitutions: Each Regional Director has the right to advance a boxer to represent the region if the winner of that region becomes unavailable.